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Monday, March 1, 2010

Flatty Patty - gadget purse

by jenelyn

Flatty Patty sat on a wall
Flatty Patty is kinda small

Beside her was a tasty treat...
a USB full of meat

"Oh Yum!" she said
"Another to put inside my head!"

So with all her might
She sucked it up 
to her appetite's delight

Once it was in her reach
she nibbled like a leech

and when she was almost done
flatty patty was suddenly stunned

"What am I doing?!" She cried
"My dreams of being flat could've died!
Eating 8 GB of meat
would've turned me into a beet!"

so out came about that USB.
with it's large memory.

Flatty Patty lets out a sigh of relief
as she conquered a chronic feat
of eating all juicy gadgets found
and throwing it up
with no abound.

This is the life and story of Miss Flatty Patty,
a gadget purse who is only happy
when she is a big  flattieeeeee.


MisS flatty Patty is just a gadget purse that I made in mind for little accessories that I have that are all over my purse like my iphone charger, ear buds, or USBs. It comes with a lanyard type of thing on the side to make it convenient to carry around. I hope this can fit a digital camera. Like the poem/story, Miss Flatty Patty is meant to eat up gadgets and throw it up when you have to use it.  She is padded and made out of cute fabric patterns. Her keychain part is made out of suede! She is really cute.

It's 4 am again. noooo. goodnite ya'll.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Introducing Ms. Bobbin

Ms. Bobbin Debut


With Valentines Day just around the corner...
Pilly must find an appropriate way to say he loves her....

maybe a kiss will do!

Haha Yeah I know this post is full of cheese.
I have been anxious just to crochet and I've been wanting to make a creature with a beanie and ears coming out of it and that's mainly why Ms. Bobbin was made.
Also, I have been watching a lot of Britsh films lately and the most recent film I have watched was
"The September Issue" concerning Anna Wintour's life being the Head editor of American Vogue.
Although not a British-made film, Anna Wintour is british along with many other british appearances in the in addition to this film there was also "An Education" and "The Bank Job" that I watched. And I kept hearing these British Influenced Names in my head and out came about : Ms. Bobbin. 
(heh even though "Bobbin" came from the french "bobine"
it just sounds like ms. Poppins who is british haha)

I know. My thought process doesn't make sense sometimes.

She is made out of very very soft yarn.
This HelloYellow Amirugumi was meant to be very feminine.

"I'm in a Box"

"Ohhh... where are my legs?"

The Beanie is tied around her like in real life with those beanies that have a string attached to the sides and you can tie them on the front (but no one really does).


Ms. Bobbin was made out of very soft yarn for babies.

I made her thinking... I want her to have a beanie!

So I made her one and made her ears...

"MY LIMBS! aaa"

haha I sewed on the rest of her limbs but here she looks like something from Disney's wally.

i love you much(most beautiful darling)

more than anyone on the earth and i
like you better than everything in the sky

-sunlight and singing welcome your coming

although winter may be everywhere
with such a silence and such a darkness
noone can quite begin to guess

(except my life)the true time of year-

and if what calls itself a world should have
the luck to hear such singing
(or glimpse such sunlight as will leap higher than high
through gayer than gayest someone's heart at your each nearness)

everyone certainly would
(mymost beautiful darling)
believe in nothing but love
ee cummings

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To Do List

Hello Fellow Readers

If any of you are out there and are wondering "WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS WEEK'S POST?"
 well Let me tell you a lil sumthin sumthin...

As of January 28, 2010... HelloYellow Crafts has become official: I can legally operate a Business under the name HelloYellow Crafts in the State of Texas and sell my creations on Etsy and pay taxes as a small business.

This here is the official DBA "Doing Business As"taken immediately at the County Courthouse in Downtown Houston.  hahaha ... "am I really doing this?" I guess so!

I didn't get to post my latest creation because I am simultaneously trying to balance Life at Work, Friends & Family, Future Education plans, getting a hot body, & now this business...

so what's there left to do from here on??....
I have made a deadline for myself to finish launching an Etsy site by Mid March. 
I have yet to do the following:

TO DO ...
  1. Create a Business Logo
  2. Design Website Banner
  3. Create Business Logo for Clothing Labels
  4. Set up Budget/Pricing Plan
  5. Make a HelloYellow Video Tutorial
  6. Make HelloYellow Fan Page on Facebook
  7. Make HelloYellow Youtube Channel
  8. Finish Side Projects that were specially requested by Friends
  9. Pay Fees to be on Showcase List on Etsy
  10. Print Clothing Labels
  11. Finish HelloYellow Clutch Bag
  12. Finish making 10 HelloYellow Featured Items
  13. Finish making cutesy amirugumi STDs
  14. Sleep by midnight

HAVE DONE (business related)...

  1. Read Etsy Seller Handbook - a crap load of articles I might add that are useful for creating shop
  2. Read a bunch of Tax Articles from all these accounting websites & IRS & SBA
  3. Currently Reading Jason Kelly's "The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing"
  4. Created account for Record Keeping Purposes
  5. Downloaded a bunch of iphone Apps for Business: XPENSE TRACKER for other record keeping purposes.
  6. Set up & Organized Home Office/Art Studio Space in Apartment
  7. Bought fabric/supplies for the next three months
  8. Got an EIN
  9. Got Tax Permit
  10. Got DBA filed.
  11. Organized Folders for all receipts and important documents
  12. Made a HelloYellowCrafts Twitter
  13. Made a HelloYellow Crafts etsy Shop (no items added yet)
  14. Made HelloYellowCrafts gmail account
  15. DIED
Tonight is running club. After another 5k, I think I will just collapse and finish this clutch purse that I've been trying to finish. So I wasn't trying to slack off this week... it's just gotten 10x busier. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

HelloYellow Makeup Bag

Hi Everyone.

Last night I received some depressing news. It's amazing how sewing can relieve a lot of stress or worries. This is suppose to be a happy makeup bag. See all the bright colors! It's sunny here today in Houston. Sorry California.

This makeup bag is suppose to be for my friend Jessica.
It's bright and bubbly just like her.

The outer fabric is made out of muslin and patterned cotton.

The bag is 5"x7" just like a picture.

The bag is lined with brown cotton.

Put all makeup accessories here...


Here are the three fabrics being used.

I am ironing on the fusible interfacing fabric.

Cutting out the pattern and sewing the cotton and muslin together.

Sewing the zipper, the sides, and now the bottom corners.


This past week I have been reorganizing my things in order to accommodate this thriving hobby of mine.
I didnt really have a formal workstation or a studio. I just basically made my room into one.


Zippers and Embroidery Thread

Buttons, accessories, beads . . .

Accessory boxes

Thread supply

Scraps of Fabric, thread, and my cool measuring tape!

Perfect "On-the-go" measuring tape hehe

Fabric organized by color and material

So the other day, I went to High Fashion Fabric in Houston after running around Herman Park.

They are pretty amazing. However, the fabric is pretty expensive. I wish I were in the LA fashion district where it's like $2/yard!

They pretty much have EVERYTHING.

Printed cotton...whoa.

I wanna sew my own wedding dress. Is it possible? We'll see.. hahaha
My wedding dress is going to look like a 3rd grader's project.

Check out how expensive wool is per yard!

$129/yard. gaaah!

A lot of Italian fabric. It seems like anything made in Italy, the prices just spiked twofold.

I got a bunch of fabric. I don't want to have to buy more fabric in a while. I have to finish all these specially requested projects. The people who seem to own High Fashion Fabric are vietnamese.
The owners asked if I was viet.
The vietnamese people here in Houston keep asking me if I am vietnamese. Even my dentist. Even the owner of another Fabric store here in Houston: Universal Fabrics. They are viet too. It seems like all the vietnamese people run the textile industry here.

In other news, I got my EIN from the IRS.

 It seems I am going to be starting my etsy site very soon. I am aiming for mid March. ::crosses fingers:: Also, I am applying for my DBA tomorrow so I will be getting my business license very soon. I am really excited! Who would've known that I could be a little entrepreneur.

HelloYellow Crafts here we come.