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Sunday, January 24, 2010

HelloYellow Makeup Bag

Hi Everyone.

Last night I received some depressing news. It's amazing how sewing can relieve a lot of stress or worries. This is suppose to be a happy makeup bag. See all the bright colors! It's sunny here today in Houston. Sorry California.

This makeup bag is suppose to be for my friend Jessica.
It's bright and bubbly just like her.

The outer fabric is made out of muslin and patterned cotton.

The bag is 5"x7" just like a picture.

The bag is lined with brown cotton.

Put all makeup accessories here...


Here are the three fabrics being used.

I am ironing on the fusible interfacing fabric.

Cutting out the pattern and sewing the cotton and muslin together.

Sewing the zipper, the sides, and now the bottom corners.


This past week I have been reorganizing my things in order to accommodate this thriving hobby of mine.
I didnt really have a formal workstation or a studio. I just basically made my room into one.


Zippers and Embroidery Thread

Buttons, accessories, beads . . .

Accessory boxes

Thread supply

Scraps of Fabric, thread, and my cool measuring tape!

Perfect "On-the-go" measuring tape hehe

Fabric organized by color and material

So the other day, I went to High Fashion Fabric in Houston after running around Herman Park.

They are pretty amazing. However, the fabric is pretty expensive. I wish I were in the LA fashion district where it's like $2/yard!

They pretty much have EVERYTHING.

Printed cotton...whoa.

I wanna sew my own wedding dress. Is it possible? We'll see.. hahaha
My wedding dress is going to look like a 3rd grader's project.

Check out how expensive wool is per yard!

$129/yard. gaaah!

A lot of Italian fabric. It seems like anything made in Italy, the prices just spiked twofold.

I got a bunch of fabric. I don't want to have to buy more fabric in a while. I have to finish all these specially requested projects. The people who seem to own High Fashion Fabric are vietnamese.
The owners asked if I was viet.
The vietnamese people here in Houston keep asking me if I am vietnamese. Even my dentist. Even the owner of another Fabric store here in Houston: Universal Fabrics. They are viet too. It seems like all the vietnamese people run the textile industry here.

In other news, I got my EIN from the IRS.

 It seems I am going to be starting my etsy site very soon. I am aiming for mid March. ::crosses fingers:: Also, I am applying for my DBA tomorrow so I will be getting my business license very soon. I am really excited! Who would've known that I could be a little entrepreneur.

HelloYellow Crafts here we come.

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