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Sunday, January 17, 2010


I got back from work today at 10:00 pm. The hours of a researcher are endless. And after hours of work, all I wanted to do was sew. I am so tired though so I tried to think of something that would be very quick.

And so what do I need now? Well, I just got an iphone like two days ago and so helloyellow presents... HelloYellow iPHONE sleeve. Something that is portable and can protect my iphone.

Here it is for all the people still young at heart and have loved legos ever since they were a small person:

hello yellow iPHONE sleeve, LEGO VERSION
I got this fabric from the LA Fashion District and boy, even in the fashion district this pattern was just so expensive. I believe it is imported from Japan. I thought it was really cute and I knew I could do something with it.

There is a sleeve within the sleeve to place headphones or money or tampons.
jk... NOT

Inside there is turquoise lining... i know one of my very good friends would like this just because she is obsessed with that color.

so will it fit?

yes indeed it will. In fact, it fits perfectly.
Very snug.

Just in case anyone was wondering if this is a safe sleeve, I stuffed it before sewing and the extra cushion seems to make a big difference in the feeling of whether it's safer or not.

And there with the headphones... perfect for travel.

The top opening is very convenient so you can easily plug in your headphones and listen to music while it's still within the sleeve.

It is very convenient to charge your iphone or ipod while it is still in the sleeve.


Okay so now here are some CONSTRUCTION PIX

The Turquoise lining being cut

The lego fabric cut and being pressed onto the interfacing fabric to make the fabric more durable.

Cut lego pieces

Hemming the fabric

Stuffing the lining and outer fabric for extra cushion

All the layers I had to sew together to create this contraption.

All the construction photos are taken through my iphone. tehehe

There ya go everyone. I think I should start making tutorials. I will when I have more time and definitely pass this cryo-EM modeling workshop. I'm about to collapse again from such a long day. But atleast I got the sleeve done! YAY


  1. hye, jennalyn. it's shada, holly's cousin. anyway, this is really cute. i didn't know you sew? lol. you're even better than me.

  2. Yes, that was my site. I kept the RL stuff hidden for friends only, but if you have Livejournal, you can friend me there. Yes. JPop blew up in that site, but some KPop has sneaked in, too. lol.

    I would most definitely come by here often. Mavreen found out about this through Facebook, and told me about it. She thinks your stuff are great, too. ^_^