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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NEW iPhone Sleeve - "On the Go" Wool Version

Actually, this is my first iphone sleeve that is somewhat more "Masculine" than I have made. I had to keep in mind  that this next one could be for guys too.. So what better way to do this by NOT using CUTESY patterns but using fabric that men wear...


Yup, men wear wool. Especially the professional types. Those pants that you guys wear to more professional settings like a business conference, yup, those pants are made out of wool. Wool is expensive btw! Well the good kind, at least.

And the one I bought for this project was E-E-EXPENSIVE--$60/yard.

so here it goes, helloyellow for you pros.

Just clean and simple.

I also added a place where you can insert your keychain on the side.
(please see end of post for keychain pix)
and is also stuffed for extra cushion and support.

4:49 AM


inside is lined with yellow.
WELL HEY, it has to have some helloyellow feel to it.

of course a place to put your headphones, money, etc.

aww you guys see a cute cute couple?

Aww ear buds in love <3

Yeah... aww


Anyways, sorry got distracted. needed SOMETHING CUTE.

The contrast between the two iphone sleeves thus made.

Not so Cutesy vs. Cutesy


These are some upcoming designs for my future iphone sleeves.
I'm trying to perfect it and still stay true to helloyellow design.

Three layers of fabric.
Wool = outer fabric
Interfacing fabric
Yellow Cotton = lining

hemmed at top

Cut cut cut

I made multiple because I kept on messing up with measurements.
And now I have three iphone sleeves however ONE fits way better than the rest.
Perhaps the others can be used for different phone types.

It is nice to accessorize in style.
yeah... apparently i'm a rock-a-holic LOL

So here is the keychain feature for the phone. Just in case you are on the go.
The phone is unlikely to fall out since the phone is very fitted and more than snug in this sleeve.

For those On the GO GO GO GO


These are just trial designs for my upcoming etsy site. I am trying to test which sleeves, bags, etc. will come out great and making sure I'm perfecting them before trying to sell these items to the public. So if you have any feedback or suggestions, I do appreciate it :)

1 comment:

  1. LOL at the earbuds couple.

    I actually do have a suggestion. In LJ, there is a crafts community where people show off their latest creation. You can ask the members if your stuff is sellable.

    It's a great comm cuz more people can see your stuff and give you feedback.

    I also like the clean design of the wool. That is expensive, btw. Do you have a logo for your name? Maybe in plain cloths you can embroider or paint the logo onto it.