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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My First HelloYellow Modern Bag

I went crazy last night.
I just decided that I was going to finish a bag and set my mind to it.
I couldn't stop sewing and boom several hours later...
lo and behold...

Here is the finished product just chillin on my chair at work.

Inside there is a zipper pocket. Just for convenience. Hiding the goods.

It is strong enough to hold my laptop.

The bag drapes. I like the drape look on bags.

My favorite feature of this bag is the red lining against the black and off white pattern in the front.
The match looks more sophisticated and modern to me.


I used a book called 'Carry Me' as a guide to construct this bag. I bought this at the Japanese bookstore in LA and it works wonders.

First, basically all the fabric needs to be lined with fusible interfacing fabric which took a while.
It takes a lot of time to make measurements and cut out the patterns for the fabric. Then, you need to iron on the fusible interfacing fabric in order to make the bag more durable.

The white translucent material on the red is the interfacing fabric.

This is me sewing on the pockets. Sorry for bad quality picture taken from my phone since I didn't have  my better camera at the time.

The top ends haven't been sewn yet. What I will do next is pin tuck the ends to give a better draping effect on the fabric. It gives the bag more shape instead of it being completely square. It thins out at the top.

After sewing the pin tucks, you line it with the outer fabric that is attached to your handles. and TADA


It is finished.

and I brought it to work the next day...


This is me after making my bag last night.

I stayed up till 7 am.

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