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Saturday, December 26, 2009

My First Project on my New Sewing Machine!

I am so excited because I got a new sewing machine for Christmas. Another Christmas Miracle!

So with no further adieu, I made a whale pouch in less than two hours! AMAZING.

A Brother CE-5000RRW

w/ 50 stitches!




all full. and my lights are shining inside.

all done :)

this whale has bulimia.

So dear friends, now that I have a sewing machine, I can finally start making projects for my future etsy site. But for  the holidays, I will now take requests from you for special projects fo freeee.

So far I have the following:

1. Jennifer - panda
2. Giselle - sperm
3. Roberto - Mariachi Man
4. Jessica - Water Bottle Holder

there are some ppl who haven't made requests but it doesn't mean I won't make things for you. Anyways, gotta find time now.


  1. SOO cute!!! I love the concept of the whale pouch, hehe. Ahhh so exciting that you got a sewing machine!! And it's nice of you to offer some projects for free. Whee!