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Sunday, December 6, 2009

PILLY & Canteen Bottle Sleeve & My Cheap Christmas Cards

So Here is PILLY. He looked like a pill when I started creating him. With no arms and legs, that's how he got his name. I've been wanting to crochet/knit for so long but since work in the lab has been getting busy, it has been taking up most of my time. Plus, I left most of my cool yarn in california when I went to visit this past October and I'm waiting for my mom to send it back to me in the mail. I got desperate and went to the Hobby Lobby by my apartment and bought three kinds of yarn and started playing around. I also bought another crochet needle in a different size: 5.5 and this worked really well with the yarn I was using.

PiLLY is made out of Baby Bee yarn.
I highly recommend this brand for super softness. There was a sale at Hobby Lobby.
A pack is usually 5.99 but I got it for about 3.49.

He is super soft and I stuffed him with yarn and I think he is meant for Babies.
I think I might give these creatures away to my nieces and nephews for Christmas.

Pilly is overly dramatic.

wait let's make it more dramatic.

yeah. He's playing dead.

Oh and see that cool creature in the back?
There is my new canteen bottle with my very own HELLOYELLOW bottle holder!
haha i guess it's as sleeve but I was very annoyed how my Canteen bottle usually has cold water and it condenses outside of the bottle. It leaves marks on the surface of the table if you dnt have a coaster, so now I have this.

Right now in Houston, it's around 50 degrees. So whenever I want to drink water, it's extremely cold to touch the surface of the canister. BUT PROBLEM solved with this helloyellow sleeve.

So that's what I've been up to for now.

Due to my very low income and poor lifestyle of living, I have become incredibly cheap this year.
I apologize to my family and friends for this year's christmas tidings from dear ol' jenelyn.
I have become so cheap that I am reusing old thank you cards as my holiday cards this year.
please let me demonstrate.

to your left, you will see my normal owl.
to the right, you will see a christmas owl!

I just cut out christmas hats and pasted them on.
Enjoy everyone!


  1. Good idea with recycling the cards! Does Hellowyellow sleeve have a name? I like that it is simultaneously so functional and cute! Are you thinking about making a contact lens solution and case holder? I've seen them sold in stores, like mini ones, but they're so boring looking. I figure with your skillz (hehe) you can make a cool one. I'd look forward to seeing it!

  2. thanks sarah! i finally got this comment! excellent idea. I'll be sure to try to think of something and make one.