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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To Do List

Hello Fellow Readers

If any of you are out there and are wondering "WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS WEEK'S POST?"
 well Let me tell you a lil sumthin sumthin...

As of January 28, 2010... HelloYellow Crafts has become official: I can legally operate a Business under the name HelloYellow Crafts in the State of Texas and sell my creations on Etsy and pay taxes as a small business.

This here is the official DBA "Doing Business As"taken immediately at the County Courthouse in Downtown Houston.  hahaha ... "am I really doing this?" I guess so!

I didn't get to post my latest creation because I am simultaneously trying to balance Life at Work, Friends & Family, Future Education plans, getting a hot body, & now this business...

so what's there left to do from here on??....
I have made a deadline for myself to finish launching an Etsy site by Mid March. 
I have yet to do the following:

TO DO ...
  1. Create a Business Logo
  2. Design Website Banner
  3. Create Business Logo for Clothing Labels
  4. Set up Budget/Pricing Plan
  5. Make a HelloYellow Video Tutorial
  6. Make HelloYellow Fan Page on Facebook
  7. Make HelloYellow Youtube Channel
  8. Finish Side Projects that were specially requested by Friends
  9. Pay Fees to be on Showcase List on Etsy
  10. Print Clothing Labels
  11. Finish HelloYellow Clutch Bag
  12. Finish making 10 HelloYellow Featured Items
  13. Finish making cutesy amirugumi STDs
  14. Sleep by midnight

HAVE DONE (business related)...

  1. Read Etsy Seller Handbook - a crap load of articles I might add that are useful for creating shop
  2. Read a bunch of Tax Articles from all these accounting websites & IRS & SBA
  3. Currently Reading Jason Kelly's "The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing"
  4. Created account for Record Keeping Purposes
  5. Downloaded a bunch of iphone Apps for Business: XPENSE TRACKER for other record keeping purposes.
  6. Set up & Organized Home Office/Art Studio Space in Apartment
  7. Bought fabric/supplies for the next three months
  8. Got an EIN
  9. Got Tax Permit
  10. Got DBA filed.
  11. Organized Folders for all receipts and important documents
  12. Made a HelloYellowCrafts Twitter
  13. Made a HelloYellow Crafts etsy Shop (no items added yet)
  14. Made HelloYellowCrafts gmail account
  15. DIED
Tonight is running club. After another 5k, I think I will just collapse and finish this clutch purse that I've been trying to finish. So I wasn't trying to slack off this week... it's just gotten 10x busier. 

1 comment:

  1. Hey, Jen. Whoa, that's a lot of things to do. I thought selling at Etsy doesn't require one to have a business permit, kinda like selling your books on or Ebay, you know?

    Anyway, good luck with the shop. I found this site long ago and thought you might want to check out the how-to for pricing, in case you have no idea.