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Thursday, September 17, 2009


I wanted to make an Amigurumi Baby. This is Pepe.
I like when babies have big heads. They look so cute.
This is my first Amigurumi that isn't just a ball... it has a body, arms, and legs.

looking off into the sunset . . .

I am currently moving to Houston . . .
and there is a Hobby Lobby so close to where I'll be living . . .
I went inside and spent almost 2-3 hours... picking up things and putting them down cuz I started to realize it was going to cost a fortune. Did you know you can make Lolllipops . . . from scratch?!

And my new room is going to be full of these things. Ppl must think I'm nuts.
I wanted to make a lot of art around my walls and here is what I started drawing the other night . . .

I need to get a frames.

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